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Wild & Free

Five days of diving into our juicy essence, re-wilding ourselves by playing together in nature, connecting with the elements, in and out of the crystal waters of Arillas, or in a magic olive grove.



After all that we’ve been going through in the last 2 years, it’s a beautiful time to get back to (our) wild nature!

Lead facilitators:
Aldebaran Sandrini, Arianna Benedetta Artioli and Sophia Michalopoulou

We will explore together many juicy tools:
- Sensual awakening through body movement and dance with Aldebaran
- Fluid movement with Arianna
- Feminine practices to root into the body and connect to sensuality with Aldebaran
- From Earth to Water practice with Sophia
- Clay play with Arianna
- Open Water Experience with Sophia, Aldebaran, Arianna
- Emotional Healing Processes with Arianna
- Stargazing, Myths and Astrology with Aldebaran

Info & Bookings:

Your WILD & FREE facilitators:

Aldebaran is an Italian multitalented astrologer currently living in Switzerland.
She's been studying astrology for 25 years and 6 years ago founded Athanor in Lugano, a school where she teaches astrology through theory and direct experience. She is also a Rebirther and facilitator of Women circles. During the 6 years she was attending a Northern Europe Shamanism path, she studied the Runes and occasionally leads Runes seminars. She began to train in the last 4 years with Zola Dubnikova and her Holistic Dance Language as well as Sofia Sundari of the Priestess School. She’s an accredited practitioner of Sacred Sexuality Bodywork and gives sessions to women and men. Aldebaran is an idealist Aquarius rising Aquarius but with a very sweet and romantic Venus in Pisces. Her motto is: " It's never too late to make your dreams come true!"
Her website is

Arianna is a Yoga teacher and a holistic wellness advocate, born in Italy, adopted by Switzerland, and since 6 years living between France and Corfu (rising Sagittarius indeed!). Passionate holistic researcher, she’s been learning from many ancient and modern traditions. She studied with Krisnananda and Amana in the «Learning Love» training and with Clinton Callahan, creator of «Possibility Management», to deepen her knowledge on psychosomatic, feelings and emotions, communication, intimacy. Her latest studies address Trauma, Nervous System regulation and Ecosystem Restoration. She loves gardening; growing organic plants, regenerating the land creating delicious healthy meals for her friends. Since 2010 she follows her partner Igor Ezendam, a Dutch musician, overtone singer and voice coach, co-hosting Feeling Sound events such as Singing Freedom, Free Your Voice seminars and retreats.
Sharing tools to become more healthy and happy, help regenerate people and the land is her mission!
Arianna recently published 13 STEPS OF WELLBEING, a handbook of healthy practices, available as an e-book and paperback on Amazon. Her website is

Sophia is from the island of Corfu. She grew up in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, which became her inspiration for the path she was to follow in life. She is now the creator of AQUAGENESIS a training program for birth professionals and future parents who wish to prepare for pregnancy and birth with water. Sophia is also a professional mermaid and swimming instructor, an aquatic perinatal therapist and educator as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. She will be introducing our group to water to encourage us to remember more of our human potential and to embody more of our juicy essence. She works with water rather than just in it and considers water her master teacher in the art of loving ourselves.
It’s all about allowing and surrendering to the flow of your inner waters.
Read more about The Mermaid Island© on
Her website is

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