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Learning from the Inside Out

"We’ve been taught that learning is something that happens from the outside in.

It is time to change that by asking what we are feeling from within!"


From the moment we are born, most often than not, we are asked to perform at another’s rhythm and tempo rather than our own. How often were you asked what was true for you while growing up?

LEARNING FROM THE INSIDE OUT marks a paradigm shift in our attitudes and expectations for learning in all ages. Would you like to feel a deeper sense of connection while being true to yourself?


This is a new and exciting workshop for parents, educators and guardians of children at Kita el Mundo de los Niños in Berlin, Saturday 1st April 2023 from 10:00 to 13:00  or  15:00 to 18:00


You have the choice to join this three-hour workshop either in the morning or the afternoon during which, we will playfully explore themes that apply to you and your family when we see learning from your child’s point of view.


Some of the themes Sophia will be exploring with you are:

# What are Multidimensional humans?

# What does Learning from the Inside Out involve?

# How do we Create safe containers?

# What is Heart Centered intelligence?


Together we will focus on themes that show up specifically for your group and how they apply to each of us individually through listening in, guided inner work, short experiential exercises and reflecting upon our own experiences. By practising skills for learning from the inside out ourselves, we are in a better position to model them for our children, families, students and communities.



Snacks and hot drinks will be provided during the workshop.

Languages spoken will be English and German.


Registration Details

The cost of attendance per person is 60 euros or 100 euros for both parents.


To register please contact Daisy Krüger for more information in German at

+49 174 722 3359 or email at

For more information in English please contact Sophia at +30 6983 751891 or email at



Kita el Mundo de los Niños, Fehrbelliner Str. 51, 10119 Berlin, Germany

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