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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Now this is something you might think is rather funny or a bit too simplistic but I’ve been working for years with the concept that we all have our own unique bubble, be that with adults or children. We ALL have our own bubble unless you are a rare monoamniotic twin. In fact, I like to believe that our bubble is our birthright, our own private sovereign space so to speak that no one has the right to enter without our consent. I've observed how an awareness and a sense of one's bubble allows people to drop deeper into themselves while regaining a sense of empowerment from the inside out.

It is an idea I’ve come across in other traditions of course but I’ve come to think of our bubble as a natural imprint created by the parameters of our amniotic sack way back in the womb. Whilst digging into this concept to find more scientific evidence for it than just my own sensory perception and warm water immersions, I came across biologist Jean-Léon Maître at the Curie Institute in Paris who discovered that mammalian embryos are in fact sculpted by the force created by pressurized water bubbles which form between cells (

So it does look like, our first cellular memory imprints as developing embryos in the womb are of expanding and dividing water bubbles after all. Our bubble behaves much like you would expect a membrane full of water to do. Similarly to more complicated fluid mechanics, it creates a protective buffer zone between one’s core self and the outside world, it helps muffle sounds and energies from penetrating us too harshly and it also helps us understand the parameters of our being from the inside out.

“My bubble is my birthright” but have I been taught to remember it?

Understanding and fully accepting that we each have our own unique and individual sovereign space that is our birthright is fundamental to building healthy relating patterns based on consent and respect no matter our age.

Acknowledging that our sense of space is primarily energetic rather than physical, is like recognizing communication is only 25% verbal. Only then can we begin to educate effectively from the inside out so to speak. Babies and little children sense and feel into the world energetically and vibrationally, way before they are able to express themselves verbally or through the control of their little bodies.

Our first language in the womb is vibrational and unless we recognize that once born, we are also relating in an energetic way, we are effectively overseeing energetic borders and boundaries, which over time, leads to anger management issues, mistrust in relationships and even effectiveness in one’s work.

Working from birth with babies and children on land and in water with an awareness of their sovereign rights as multidimensional human beings allows them to expand into a fuller sense of their own space and beingness. Learning for example to understand the boundaries of our bubble or that we are in charge for the care and maintenance of our bubbles, puts us back into the centre of who we are with the empowering capacity to influence our immediate environment rather than as a vulnerable prenate susceptible to all of life’s expressions coming at us in full speed.

MY BUBBLE IS MY BIRTHRIGHT is a new simple downloadable e-book that I will be sharing for FREE next month because I consider our bubbles such a powerful ally in supporting the growth of independent and conscious human beings.

Once we all become aware of our bubbles then we can really get down to how we can create, maintain and resonate with our own unique and authentic vibration from the inside out. By the powers of my own creative imagination, remembering our bubbles is fundamental to birthing conscious humans.

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