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"The Cycle of Water is the Cycle of the Soul"

Moses Hacmon

“It was said in Egypt that water is given the soul as compensation for taking on a bodily form” from the book Freeing the Body in Water by Harold Dull.

When I first started working with water I found this sentence by the creator of WATSU as poetic verse that stays in the realm of the metaphysical.

Through time and experience I realised that water is in fact the medium that connects heaven and earth, the physical with the metaphysical.

Without water our seed would not have conceived and developed into human form. Our bones were once fluids, for example, which developed through a continuum of fluid hydrodynamics into form.

One of the most profound moments in my own process was the re-membering of a sensation stored in my body that I can only place at the moment of conception.

'My spirit being amorphous prior to conception, went through a very intense adjustment to its new physical container that in my case, felt heavy like two tonnes of lead dragging me down.'

I then wondered if perhaps the Biblical “Fall' was actually a transference of a collective conception memory in which the soul transitions from ether into matter and can feel like falling into gravity. There is some scientific evidence that would suggest a fear of falling or perception of depth is innate at birth.

All kinds of emotions and physical sensations surfaced while immersed in warm water during my Integrative Aquatic Therapy training with David Sawyer, to suggest that our experience of being born starts before conception and continues throughout pregnancy and birth, all of which is stored in the body as a 'memory'.

'From acute despair and a sense of entrapment, to a dragging acceptance of my new heavy, slow and dense physical form, all impressions are recorded in the body long before we are actually born.'

In this realization, two very separate realities merged as one in water. The metaphysical became physical and the physical found the freedom and lightness of being, I thought I had lost by being born.

In discovering the profound healing power of water as a container, a catalyst, a merger, a memory enhancer, a soother and an element with its own intriguing consciousness, I continue to remain in awe of its capacities.

The potential of warm water to help us heal grief, a sense of loss, disconnection, depression and many other emotional patterns that stem from the illusion of separation from Source at birth, are yet to be clinically documented.

The process I call aquatic embodiment essentially works with water to ease the soul 'essence' into its physical form with clear milestones that follow developmental stages of an embryo in utero. This process can be used to support conception, pregnancy and birth or an adult wanting to create continuum where perhaps embodiment was interrupted.

I recently came across the artistic work of Moses Hacmon with water, who said “The Cycle of Water is the Cycle of the Soul” and AQUAGENESIS supports exactly that, on land and in water.

I hope you might join me in water for an individual session or the upcoming WATER FOR THE SOUL© retreat in Corfu, Greece. Dates to be announced shortly.

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