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Remembering our Birth Stories

Birth impacts everyone because we’ve all been born. How we ourselves experienced our birth journeys from conception to birth will in turn influence the way we birth and parent our future babies, families and communities.

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What are the needs of future babies on this Earth and how can we best prepare ourselves for them?

When we accept, process and integrate our own birth stories we create space for future babies to be born along different timelines.

 We can all contribute to the future well-being of our planet and our humanity whether we have our own children or not, by creating new paradigms at birth.


This workshop is for you if you are a future parent, a sister or a brother, an auntie or an uncle, a grandma or a grandpa. Do you work with babies and children or perhaps your inner child feels the call?


All are welcome, it takes a community to raise a child after all. We are creating this new Earth together.


Sophia is an aquatic perinatal therapist, a newborn and baby swimming educator as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. By remembering her own birth journey while immersed in warm water Sophia began to see birth from a baby’s perspective. She is a founding member of the Pregnancy and Birth Network of Kerkyra and is working towards establishing natural out of hospital births as a safe and desirable option on the island of Corfu.

Please bring your willingness to dive deep within, any questions, or fears you wish addressed and perhaps a comforting item like a pillow or a scarf.

This workshop will take place on land.

I will also be available for individual sessions during the AGAPE.ZOE. Festival until Friday 31st of March.

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