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New Land Class at AGAPE ZOE Festival in BERLIN 6 & 7 APRIL 2024

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FLOW, fluidity, fluence and going with the flow are all concepts that in recent years have increasingly gained value as spiritual practices with which we measure ourselves based on how these are presented in movement and awakening consciousness workshops and festivals such as this. “Be Water my Friend” said Bruce Lee but what did he actually mean?


What does our fluid body actually contain? Yes, we are 75% water but how are we consciously engaging with this capacity within us and to what purpose? The Age of Aquarius is indeed the bringer of a new aqueous intelligence but what do we mean by that and how is water helping us embody our multidimensional capacities and to birth a new world?


Water is the master teacher of bonding and connection the blueprint of a unified consciousness. It is a life bringer and also a life taker with collective memories recorded in our precious one water. As we come to see the water in us, as a reflection of the water outside of us dissolving any sense of separation, water assists us in changing the behavioral patterns recorded in our waters.


When we become radiantly aware of how connected everything is, one of the questions that naturally arises is how do we learn to contain water as we begin to feel it all? In this workshop we will practice ways to embody water more, to expand our fluid capacities as multidimensional humans and to explore the possibility of diving deeper into water as a therapeutic and learning container with Sophia at AQUAGENESIS.




About the Artist

Sophia has created a method of supporting life with water by combining a number of professional practices such as integrative aquatic therapy, newborn and baby aquatic therapy and education, birth and end of life companionship in order to create a fluid continuum of connection with. Her academic and therapeutic qualifications as well as her lived experiences are varied and extensive. It is by remembering her own birth journey while immersed in warm water, however, that Sophia began to see birth from a baby’s perspective. She is a founding member of the Pregnancy and Birth Network of Kerkyra and is working towards establishing natural out-of-hospital births as a safe and desirable option on the island of Corfu.




Please come dressed to move freely. Please bring a yoga mat to sit on or any support props you might need. This workshop will take place on land.

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