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Birthing Conscious Humans

Have you ever considered birth from your baby's perspective? These FREE videos offer snippets of a new awareness you might wish to consider before you even think about conceiving because our bodies remember even before our brain has developed.



For the 3rd episode of the BIRTHING CONSCIOUS HUMANS - WITH WATER podcast aquatic perinatal therapist and birth doula Sophia Michalopoulou is in conversation with independent midwife Sophia De-Rosa Ortiz. In WATER BIRTHS Sophia Ortiz who recently moved to Corfu, Greece with her Greek husband Costis and their two children and founded Holistic Midwifery, shares with the listener what the benefits are of a water birth from a mother's and a baby's perspective. This is a juicy and informative conversation between two Sophias who are passionate about water and birth from different perspectives. While LISTENING IN the listener who is considering a water birth will get a very good feel for what it is all about and the possibilities of having a home water birth in Corfu, Greece. Sophia de Rosa Ortiz and Sophia Michalopoulou are founding members of the Δίκτυο Εγκυμοσύνης & Τοκετού Κέρκυρας Pregnancy & Birth Network of Kerkyra. In this conversation we talk about: - the benefits of a water birth - the possibility of a water birth on the island of Corfu - how a water birth might impact birth from a baby's perspective - bringing birth back to the birthing person's body, knowledge and innate understanding. "Holistic Midwifery offers antenatal yoga, birth preparation classes, care in labour, breastfeeding and early parenting support. Empowering women and families to connect with their innate knowledge and create their unique birthing and parenting experience." Contact Sophia Ortiz at If you would like to share your feedback, contribute financially or support the BIRTHING CONSCIOUS HUMANS podcast in some other way please contact Sophia Michalopoulou at or donate to: Your contributions will go towards the creation of a purpose-built container of water (pool) to support life in. More about Sophia Michalopoulou at The link for the podcast series is Thank you for LISTENING IN. #waterbirths #birthingconscioushumans #rememberingmoreofwhoweare #supportinglifewithwater #birthmemoryandwater #integrativeaquatictherapy #pregnancyandbirthdoula
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