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Engaging in the process of naming your core values 

is a powerful preparation for future families because these are the building blocks for new foundations, new structures and new paradigms of behaviour.


More and more families are realising that having children is very different from raising children, that presence is more important than presents and that love is a state of being rather than a word. This is a time for New Values or at least reassessing old ones because of fundamental changes in family structures and the world around us.

Engaging in the process of naming your core values together, is a powerful preparation for future families.

Reflecting on our core values is not something we think about every day and yet they are continuously guiding our choices, what we put our energy into and our effectiveness in life. For all these reasons and more, I'll share with you in this online class, it makes sense to do so more consciously, especially when babies and children are involved.

Recognizing your core values can help you to:

- make conscious choices about yourself and your family

- build stable structures in changing times and important transitions

- provide clarity and connection between members of your family

- take responsibility for and to own your choices as safe adults

- create safe containers for your children to live life fully

I believe that our core values are the building blocks for creating new paradigms in family structures that are the foundations of our communities, societies and ultimately our shared humanity. This is precisely why I would like to encourage and support you to explore your core values with you, in my next online class.


Is this you?

~ Not sure you want children but curious to feel into the possibility

~ You feel you want children but are not quite ready

~ You are certain you want children and you feel ready

~ You have just found out you are pregnant

~ You are already pregnant and preparing for parenthood

Join us for a CORE VALUES exploration class online for Future Families on Tuesday 3rd October if you want to prepare yourself for becoming a future parent with intention and clarity.

Our online class will last for 2 hours and the cost of participation is 25 euros per person or 40 euros per couple payable in advance.


For registration please follow the link below:




Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic therapist and educator who specializes in pre and perinatal trauma release, a newborn and baby swimming instructor as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. Sophia supports the entire birth experience from conception, pregnancy, and birth with water in order to create a more gentle, conscious, and fluid continuum for future generations. 


While immersed in warm water, Sophia began to remember her own birth journey during a ten-year process and to see birth from a baby’s perspective. She facilitates the remembering of all human beings so that we can embody more of who we are, overcome a sense of separation and live our lives to our fullest capacities while expressing our unique human potential. 


If you would like to a free clarity call please contact:

Sophia Michalopoulou 

(+30) 6983 751891

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