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An exploration of how our birth journeys impact our capacity to move. This is a new class on land created for The Movement Gathering held within the beautiful hall of Corfu Buddha Hall.

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I look forward to sharing BIRTH, MEMORY & MOVEMENT in person at Corfu Buddha Hall with the intention of remembering more of who we are.

This workshop will be an exploration of how our birth journeys impact our capacities

to embody our physical container fully.

You might want to use the SOPHIA108 code when booking.

There are so many secrets hidden in the body and so many ways to unlock them. It can often be a challenging process, but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes it can be ecstatic.

Movement practices present us with a different kind of challenge - are you ready to find your own rhythm? Is your movement natural and organic? Or are you stiff, mechanical?

At The Movement Gathering, you will be guided by an experienced group of gifted facilitators who are diverse in their backgrounds, dance classes and teaching styles. Educators who will give you a taste of many different offerings. And who knows? Acquiring a new taste in something can sometimes lead to a lifelong love affair...

We gather in Corfu to explore a wide body of dance modalities, as well as your own body while dancing our way into embodiment, good health and happiness. It will be educational and ecstatic, we promise!

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