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Updated: May 17, 2023

The best preparation starts before conceiving a baby.

I’m someone who loves a great idea! My strength definitely lies in opening new pathways, envisioning future possibilities, putting into words or containing invisible realities so that they become tangible possibilities for many. What I’m not so good at is preparing the groundwork which is necessary to transmit my work most effectively, to contain it in digestible ways and the nitty gritty of good preparation for distribution.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Good food is the result of good preparation”. But, I'm not a great cook either or rather it is not a priority enough for me to allocate the time good food needs to prepare it. We are of course, all different in what we consider worthy to put our time and energy into.

Before blaming the use of phones and google for the rise of instant gratification and easy access to information which have resulted in less adequate preparation or even the need for preparation all together by being led to believe that everything is at our fingertips...... perhaps we should also consider that the more spiritual here and now movement, has also had us believing that spending time preparing is not trusting the present moment enough.

Investing hours of preparation into something has somehow become frowned upon as stressing or wanting to be in control of our future rather than interpreting it simply as what we spend time preparing for is evidently something we consider important. How about redefining preparation as the time one needs to feel ready and as a clear indicator for a desired purpose? It is much easier to prepare for an exam on a subject you enjoy than something that you are obliged to do.

Preparing for the important transitions in life such as conception, pregnancy and birth, starting a new job or getting married is not only a matter of achieving better outcomes or attaining the desired results but mostly about enjoying the process more. Rather than focusing on the end result, like giving birth, for example, preparing to conceive has allowed more future parents to feel they can relax and enjoy the process more. “Otherwise it’s all over so quickly!” a parent or two have reportedly said.

Preparation for some might involve getting to understand what becoming pregnant actually involves physically, mentally and emotionally. It might involve asking other friends or parents how it was for them or revisiting your own birth stories. It is not all about access to information, however. Preparation actually focuses your energy and intent towards a desired outcome. It is like saying to existence this is what is important to me and what I am prepared to dedicate my energy towards to make it happen.

Preparation allows you to assess all possibilities, to make clearer and empowered choices and ultimately to get the most out of this precious experience of life, to give birth and to be born. An important outcome of good preparation is that our brain can predict what is about to happen to us, which allows our nervous system to relax and open up to the new experience even if we are not able to ‘control’ what is about to happen to us.

According to psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amir Levine, M.D preparation stands for consistency, availability, reliability, responsiveness, and predictability. Ultimately these are good parenting skills to have so please practice before conceiving and ultimately good skills to have for secure attachments in any kind of relationship you consider worth preparing for. Perhaps the most important reason I could offer you to take the time to prepare for conceiving a baby whether you are a future mother or father, is that your future baby will feel wanted, loved and welcome into this life from the very beginning.

If you would like to find out more about AQUAGENESIS PREPARATION classes online for a more aware and conscious conception, pregnancy and birth please do We specialize in preparing for pregnancy and birth with water and we are passionate advocates of a baby’s point of view. Our preparation is aimed at creating a gentle transition for your baby while offering you and your family the skills, awareness and support you need to feel empowered and ready for the big YES!

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