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Updated: Feb 1

A Water Experience for Men

If you are a Water Man your answer to the above question is likely to be a swift and crystal clear yes, without much of a second thought. How do I know that? Because I know that those who feel connected to water as if it is where they belong, are more feeling than thinking kind of people.


If you are Water Man, you probably love swimming or enjoy some kind of water-related activity with or without a vessel, riding waves on the surface or diving into the ocean depths. Water is probably your happy place no matter the action because simply floating or letting go is one of your favourite sensations.


I grew up diving with my father, spearfishing and freediving around the many reefs and islets surrounding the island of Corfu, Greece at a time when the fish were still happy and many. I guess you’d say I’ve got salt in my veins and seaweed coming out of my ears. So of course I became a water therapist and educator with many other wild credentials related to water under my tail. I am a woman called Sophia Michalopoulou and I have worked professionally with water under many different hats.

Officially I currently practice as an integrative aquatic therapist, a pregnancy and birth doula as well as a water therapist and educator for babies and children. Now, if you are a Water Man thank you for hearing this call! I am curious to meet you, to hear you, to know what kind of water your body enjoys and at which depths you feel most connected. I know from experience that water is intimate but the kind of connection I am inviting in here is the connection of water.


Most of the human beings I accompany in water are adult women, babies and children. More and more men are arriving in my ‘pond’ so to speak but I would like to know your kind better, to feel you in the water and what your needs are. I am focusing on men in this experience not to create separation but in fact to work towards unity through more representation and a deeper understanding.


This is my current professional enquiry about WATER MEN:


-        How does a man’s body behave in water? Do you sink more easily or float, for example.

-        What does a man need to feel safe in water?

-        What emotions does water stir up in men’s bodies?

-        How comfortable do you feel holding another adult or being held in warm water?

-        How and where does a man’s body hold stress and tension?

-        What type of individual, intergenerational and collective memories are stored in men’s bodies?

-        How do you sit with water’s more feminine qualities of soft, intimate and gentle?


Dear men, the stories your bodies hold can be safely told to the water. Your stories are so very precious and urgently needed. When your stories are remembered, witnessed in safe spaces and compassionately held then they can be integrated into the whole fabric of human consciousness for generations that are yet to come.


When men’s stories are shared with the water the next generation of babies and children will profit from the wholehearted intentions of strong, brave, proud, gentle, kind, honest and loving men that came before them. Those men who came before them, to change paradigms of our human behaviour through water, the new ancestors of our common humanity.

Could this be you?


No matter how you are used to enjoying water, water allows us to reach and connect with new depths, inside of us. Water as a resonant, multidimensional therapeutic container allows you to:

-        Face the deep sea ‘monsters’ lurking in the depths of your emotions.

-        Move the waves of energy frozen or trapped in your body.

-        Connect with the sense of ‘home’ within yourself.

-        Feel the vulnerability of love, the intimacy of togetherness without the fear that might be keeping you from connecting with others.

-        Soften your voice, slow down your moves and thoughts, reduce your heart rate and blood pressure so that another feels safe to be around you.

-        Remember your natural connection to nature, her cycles, her tides and natural waves.

-        Awaken the guardian and the protector within you making a difference in time for all of us.

-        To meet your water brothers and water tribe.


My intention is not to fix you, heal you or judge you in some way for my teacher is Water, who loves unconditionally. I simply wish to listen to you through the water and to allow for a deeper understanding of your needs and our human nature while in a man’s body.


This water experience for men is for you if:


-        You love water

-        You need to rest

-        You want to re-connect with yourself

-        You are seeking another way

-        You feel called by your purpose


The time of the lonely wolf is over, come find your water tribe.


If you would like to register or find out more about our WATER FOR MEN experiences and retreat please

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