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Very often we can see little ones trying to put their finger into a friend's eye out of curiosity rather than intentional malice or push another one over in an instinctive attempt to protect one’s toys and space or, in fact, simply to see what happens when we push another over.

Children learn acceptable behaviors through imitation yes of the adult world they see around them but they also learn through curiosity, repetition and an instinctive inbuilt programme of testing the borders and boundaries around them, so that they can figure out what is safe, wanted and acceptable in their family or community of people as well as making sure they survive physically a life here on earth.

If you drop a glass it breaks but if I drop my plastic toy it doesn’t right?

I like to use Bella the swimming dolly, to simulate a relational process without the hazards of early year relating, the reactions and the distress it can cause within us as well as to those around us. Becoming cognitively aware of our own invisible borders and boundaries and sense of space while in connection with others starts soon after we are born. How I would put it in short would be:

"We are coming from a big ocean pre-birth WE into a single drop post-birth, I, to then learn how to co-exist within the borders and boundaries of our physical containers in a 3D world ultimately governed by laws of physics while remembering we are one Ocean all along."

At birth we still feel very much connected to all that is. Our cells are closer than they will ever be to fully vibrating with our core essence which remembers feeling at one with source, in the meantime our physical bodies feel very much connected with our mother’s while the process of individuation can feel like a welcome evolution or a traumatic sense of separation, depending how this important transition is introduced and held.

“My bubble is my birthright” but have I been taught to remember?

Our bubble is our birthright and can be felt into as the energetic imprint of our amniotic sack. Understanding and fully accepting that we each have our own unique and individual sovereign space that is our birthright is fundamental to building healthy relating patterns based on consent and respect no matter our age.

Acknowledging that our sense of space is primarily energetic rather than physical, is like recognizing communication is only 25% verbal. Only then can we begin to educate effectively from the inside out so to speak. Babies and little children sense and feel into the world energetically and vibrationally before they are able to express themselves verbally or through the control of their little bodies.

Overseeing energetic borders and boundaries over time leads to anger management issues, mistrust in relationships and even effectiveness in one’s work. I love working from birth with babies and children on land and in water with an awareness of their sovereign rights as multidimensional human beings because it allows me to feel there is hope for a more peaceful future for us all.

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