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Participate in a unique learning and preparation experience while immersed in the element of water surrounded by the natural beauty of Corfu Island. Ideally you will have attended one of our AQUAGENESIS Online Preparation Classes but this retreat will offer you the irreplaceable direct experience of water and how you can work with it and the natural cycles and patterns of nature to support life with. Water creates a priceless continuum of experience for your baby as well a deepening relationship with yourself.




This AQUAGENESIS Learning and Preparation Retreat is for aquatic and birth professionals who would like to learn how to support their client’s entire pregnancy and birth journey with water and from their baby’s perspective. This retreat is also for individuals or couples who want to become parents or are already pregnant and feel called by the element of water to support their pregnancy and birth as a form of preparation and change of birthing paradigms. If you feel called by Water and understanding the impact of the experience of being born, this retreat will offer you a precious link for your own awareness and understanding as well as tools for your own personal journey from the inside out.


Some of the themes and skills we shall explore in this retreat are:


~ The impact of birth from a baby’s perspective

~ Water as a natural environment for pregnancy and birth

~ Memory stored in the body

~ Creating new paradigms for Life

~ Practices for bonding and relaxation

~ Skills for holding and supporting oneself and another with water




A morning 10:00 to 13:00 and an evening 17:00 to 20:00  learning experience and practice with plenty of time for rest and pleasure in between.


Tuesday 25th at 17:00 – Arrive and Connect

Wednesday 26th – Practices on Land and in Water

Thursday 27th – Practices on Land and in Water and Individual Warm Water session

Friday 28th – Practices on Land and in Water

Saturday 29th - till 13:00 – Integration and Departure


Sunday 30th – Allow yourself time to transition either to return home, stay on for some private sessions or enjoy some of the special experiences that are offered by the amazing community of people who live in Arillas.


Our experiences will take place in natural environments including Arillas beach, the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, warm water pools and the local olive groves while being mindful of the group’s needs and capacities. Each proposed theme will be explored experientially through physical exercises, meditations and other embodiment practices.


Practices will include open water swimming, floatation and water rebozo, liquid clay detoxification, heart singing and sounding, grounding and breathing.


During the retreat you will get to meet some of the founders of the Pregnancy and Birth Network of Corfu as well as local parents and babies who prepared themselves for birth with water.





Fees include the learning content and experiences as well as any pool hire and equipment needed during the retreat. Light refreshments will be provided to keep us fresh and juicy.


Individual Fee - 450€


Couple Fee – 800 €


Deposit of 120 € (nonrefundable) is requested for logistics and pool rental.


The fee does not include:

Travel and accommodation – Meals

For more information on accommodation and transport please don’t hesitate to get in touch with these friendly providers and you are welcome to mention my name.


Even if the times we are navigating are uncertain, be sure to take the necessary steps to make it happen!


1. Reserve your place by saying YES! to this email and asking for the payment details

2. Receive the payment details along with the registration form and send the deposit 

3. Find your flight to Corfu – arrive by Tuesday 25th June and leave on Sunday 30th or later!

4. Book your accommodation and your transfer from the airport to your accommodation either via Green Corfu at or independently 

(regular taxis can be double the price for transfer)


Given the uncertainty of these days, we recommend that you consider travel insurance for this summer, so that your costs can be completely covered in any case.


Extra Experiences not included in the retreat which can be planned for before or after teaching dates *

  • Open water mermaiding

  • Boat trip


Sophia is from the island of Corfu. She grew up in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, which became her inspiration for the path she was to follow in life. She is now the creator of AQUAGENESIS a learning program for birth professionals and future parents who wish to prepare for pregnancy and birth with water. Sophia is also a professional mermaid and swimming instructor, an integrative aquatic therapist and educator as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. She will be introducing our group to water to encourage us to remember more of our human potential and to embody more of our juicy essence. She works with water rather than just in it and considers water her master teacher in the art of loving ourselves. It’s all about allowing and surrendering to the flow of your inner waters.

Read more about The Mermaid Island© on

Her website is


Feel free to contact me for any further information you may need.

I hope to see you in Corfu!


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