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"There is no Life without Water and a Container through which Life can be Born"


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WATER FOR THE SOUL is a transformational 4 day process of human embodiment to be held on land and in water in Corfu, Greece by integrative aquatic therapist, birth and end of life doula, Sophia Michalopoulou.


WATER FOR THE SOUL will be held in nature and in different containers of water, in warm water swimming pools, as well as the sea, to reflect on each stage of Life's Cycle being explored while also offering participants the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of North West Corfu.


WATER FOR THE SOUL is the ideal opportunity to feel into the powerful nature of water for personal healing and transformation, to feel how Life's deepest moments continue to reverberate through us, while spending time in a very special place with beautiful people.


WATER FOR THE SOUL starts at 10:00 am on Tuesday 3rd of September and will close at 20:00 on Friday 6th September 2024 using the natural land and water resources available to us in Arillas, Corfu.


We will respect the weather and natural forces of nature available to us at this time and will adapt the programme flow accordingly.







CONCEPTION heralds the possibility of birth but also the end of another form of life. When we say Yes to one possibility we are also saying No to another. In some early cultures death was celebrated as a return to life whereas birth was seen as the end of it. In every New Beginning a perceived ending has also transpired.


Here and now what are you saying yes to?

Here and now what are you saying no to?





PREGNANCY is an experience of transition from one form to another in which we have said yes but the future is still uncertain. Trusting life to unfold us through each wave of our development is a natural process unless we don't feel safe in our containers.


What do transitions look like for you?

How could you surrender more to life moving through you?





BIRTH is Life's biggest moment! We have found our way through the 'birth canal'. Fear, resistance, traction, pressure and even abandonment have all been encountered in order to arrive. Birth hormones and the 'veils of forgetfulness' leave no record in our cognitive memory but our bodies 'keep the score'.


TO BE HELD immediately after being born is part of the 'golden hour' marking our welcome into this world. At this stage of Life's Cycle our ways of relating to the world set in even more clearly creating structures for life.


What does birth feel like for you?

What needs are still wanting to be met?





LIVING comfortably in our own skin is a result of accepting to live life in a human body. Embodying our essence fully is an evolutionary development and a conscious choice to do so here and now. We are at a unique turning point in our human evolution in which water is helping us transition to new dimensions.


Were you born to be alive?

How could you live Life fully?


INTEGRATION is the time needed to pause, reflect and allow all of that which has transpired to settle into our bodies and cognition so that we can operate again at a new level. Silence, presence and reflection are characteristic of this stage so that we can find the new words to reprogramme our experience here on Earth.


What reality are you creating for yourself?

What is new for you?



Each unit will be clearly contained in morning and afternoon sessions which will give participants the opportunity to rest and spend time how they would like in between. It is recommended that you stay close to Arillas so that you do not need to travel much. If necessary, transport to and from each unit venue will be provided by private car should you not have your own.





Spaces are limited to 8 people.


The cost per person is 480 Euro if booked before the 31st of July or 550 Euro thereafter.


To secure your place please make a non-refundable deposit of 150 Euro. In the event of cancellation, this money can be forwarded to a future event or individual session.


Retreat fee includes all classes, equipment needed and venue rental.

Retreat fee does NOT include transport, accommodation or food.


For bookings and information please write to Sophia at





“While immersed in warm water I began to remember more of who I am. As I began to piece together the layers of my own birth journey I began to see birth from a baby’s perspective.


Remembering possible pre-birth aspects of ourselves empowers our lives in the present moment while water naturally helps us embody more of our unique and authentic essence.


Sophia Michalopoulou is a certified Integrative Aquatic Therapist, a birth and end of life doula among many other qualifications and credentials, devoted to the path of creating a new and sustainable future for generations yet to come. 

Photo below: Apostolia Papadamaki, WATER REMEMBERS 2023

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