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Sophia Michalopoulou


While immersed in warm water, remembering the details of my own birth journey, I began to see birth from a baby’s perspective.



Personal Virtual Doula Support

Sessions for Babies and Adults Online

Professional Training Programmes 



Retreats are an opportunity to immerse yourself entirely in the experience of your deepening embodiment on land and in water while surrounded by the strong healing energy and exquisite natural beauty of Corfu Island.


Classes online or in person are empowered by the dynamics of the group. When we come together we heal, we love and we connect remembering our collective dreaming and purpose while learning new skills and abilities. 


Parents Recommend

Mari M.

“ΒΡΕΦΙΚΟ ΜΑΣΑΖ μια εμπειρία που αποτυπώθηκε στην καρδιά μας. Όταν το άγγιγμα γίνεται συνειδητό μας μεταφέρει στο παρόν, μπαίνουμε στον κόσμο του μωρού μας με έναν τρόπο μαγικό. Ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ και μια αγκαλιά στην Σοφία για αυτό το δώρο που μας πρόσφερε”

Fivos P.

“We’ve been preparing for our daughter’s birth with Sophia and absolutely loved the connection that water creates between us and baby. The day finally came and the most remarkable thing was that we were a great team. We were prepared to give our child the perfect conscious birth despite the unexpected and so we did. Not everything turned out as we had pictured it, but it was perfect altogether. We are so lucky to have had your support Sophia!”

Sian G.

“With all honesty, the best team ever. If you know a hospital birth is not right for you, then you need to contact this team. I birthed my baby (baby no.3) in a stress-free environment, in her own time and with the most caring and knowledgeable people. Sophia Michalopoulou was my doula and is amazingly intuitive.”


Birthing Conscious Humans