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AQUAGENESIS Three-day Foundation Training in Warm Water

BERLIN 11 - 13 APRIL 2024

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Water is a powerful multidimensional environment for healing, learning and remembering ourselves. Water is also incredibly sensitive, resonant and transparent. What we bring to the water as therapists, educators and human beings also adds ‘value’ to the aquatic therapeutic container.

CREATING SAFE CONTAINERS is a 3 – day Foundation Training in Water to be held in Berlin between 11 - 13 April 2024 by Sophia Michalopoulou.

This course is for you if:

- You are an AQUAGENESIS student who has already taken the online Foundation Training ‘The Wisdom of Water’ or attended previous workshops with Sophia or other Integrative Aquatic Therapy© Training modules.

- If you have aquatic foundations in other modalities and wish to be introduced to a processed oriented integrative approach or develop your pre and perinatal awareness in water.

- Individual applications will be considered for professional land therapists or educators who wish to explore the potential of water. Please submit a REGISTRATION FORM upon request for more details.


Together we will explore:

~ What is the impact of ‘holding space’ in water?

~ How do we create safe containers in an aquatic environment?

~ What are the primary themes and needs that show up in warm water?

~ How do we hold another’s process while holding ourselves?

~ How can one adapt their existing land practices to an aquatic environment?


When and Where will it take place?

This Foundation Training in Water will take place starting Thursday 11th April 2024 at 10:00 am and will finish by 16:00 on Saturday 13th of April in a warm water therapy pool in Berlin South, half an hour by underground from the city center.

Our training and practice will take place on land and in water. A detailed programme sequence will be shared at the beginning of the class.

Accommodation will need to be booked separately and it is advised that it is in the area so travel time for you is kept to a minimum. More details for nearby options can be provided upon registration.


Meet your teacher:

Sophia Michalopoulou is an integrative aquatic therapist and educator who specializes in pre and perinatal trauma release. She is also a newborn and baby swimming instructor as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. Sophia supports the entire birth experience from conception, pregnancy and birth with water in order to create a more gentle, conscious and fluid continuum for future generations.

Sophia grew up by the sea on the island of Corfu, Greece and her love for water became her life path and service. After experiencing a number of aquatic bodywork modalities, open water practices, therapeutic and teaching methods on land and in water, she dedicated herself to the path she found the most depth and capacity to hold herself.

Immersed in warm water, Sophia began to remember her own birth journey during a ten year process while studying with David Sawyer and to see birth from a baby’s perspective. Sophia’s thesis “MY BIRTH STORY” outlining her exploration and embodiment of Vanishing Twin Syndrome, became a podcast on Spotify. She facilitates the process of remembering more of who we are so that we can overcome a sense of separation and live our lives from our fullest capacities while expressing our unique human potential.



The cost for the three day training programme is 380 Euro. A non-refundable deposit of 150 Euro is requested upon registration.

The fee includes tuition, use of pool, teaching room and facilities, kitchenette, digital manual and an AQUAGENESIS certification of attendance.



For the REGISTRATION FORM follow the link below or if you would like to chat briefly online or on the phone for more clarity please feel free to connect:

Sophia Michalopoulou
Whats App (+30) 6983 751891

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