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“Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty”



THE WISDOM OF WATER is a specially designed online Foundation Course for those who are interested in evolving their experience and understanding of water as therapists, bodyworkers and conscious human beings.

THE WISDOM OF WATER will be taught in 5 monthly classes online by aquatic therapist and educator Sophia Michalopoulou. These include:

Methodology, History and Practices
Monday 20th November 20:00 GR

The Capacity of Water to Connect
Monday 18th December 20:00 GR

The Capacity of Water to Remember
Monday 22 January 20:00 GR

The Capacity of Water to Feel
Monday 19th February 20:00 GR

The Water Within Me
Monday 18th March 20:00GR

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Sophia Michalopoulou MA is from Corfu, Greece and holds a number of professional aquatic bodywork qualifications which include: Integrative Aquatic Therapy, Water Doula, WATSU & WATA student, Neonatal and Baby Swimming Educator, certified Swimming Instructor, Open Water Mermaid Instructor and Special Needs Swimming Instructor.

This specialised foundation course will deepen your conscious awareness of water and consequently your experience of working with it.

This body of work arises from Sophia’s personal and professional experience over the last 15 years and adds value to any previous experience of therapeutic work in water and provides solid foundations for those who wish to continue training with Sophia further in physical presence.

As well as gaining a more expanded understanding of water as a learning and therapeutic environment, we will also be reflecting on ourselves and our own practices in water.

Every class starts with a theoretical part, includes exercises to practice alone or together and a reflective component at the end which allows for questions and answers.

Although each class will be recorded for future listening your presence online is desirable so that you can be part of a learning through transmission experience.

Please get in touch at or +30 6983 751891 EN & GR for registration form and payment details.

You will be awarded with a certificate of attendance upon completion of this Foundation Course.

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