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This two-day immersion on the mermaid shaped Island of Kerkyra, Greece is a deepening collaboration between two Greek “women of the water”

Apostolia Papadamaki and Sophia Michalopoulou

both of whom explore and specialize in their own unique ways, the potential of water to help us remember more of who we are.

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WATER REMEMBERS is a form of aquatic bodywork that will enable you to embody a sense of true belonging and develop trust in the fluid oneness of the water element. We all come from the womb of our mother, immersed in amniotic fluid. Water is conductive so it can help us remember our true nature, and it can facilitate a natural re-birthing experience.

While floating, the absence of gravity combined with conscious breathing and witnessed by our full presence brings us into a dream-like state, a deep meditative zone. We can release stored emotions and patterns, heal trauma and «dance» in union with “Thalassa” our mother sea. The workshop is open to all, no previous experience is needed.






Remembering More of Who We Are



The group immersion is on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September 2023

Thursday 7 and Sunday 10 September individual sessions are available.



Arillas, Corfu, Greece

Arillas is a small beachside village located northwest of Corfu Island, about 40 km from the main town of Kerkyra. 


How much?

Cost for 2 days group immersion180€ 

Deposit to reserve your place (non-refundable): 80€  

The deposit is non-refundable, however, it can be used for another retreat or online course with Apostolia or Sophia. Please confirm your intention to attend with Sophia so that she can forward payment details to


Cost for individual sessions:

Water Healing & Rebirthing with Apostolia / 1h/ 100€ (On the beach-sea water)

Deep Healing & Transformation session with Apostolia / 100€ (On land - Olive grove)

Book your sessions or send us your questions at


Water Healing & Rebirthing with Sophia / 1h/ 100€ (Pool or Sea Session)

Birth Trauma Release with Sophia  / 100€ (On land) 

Book your sessions or send us your questions at


WATER REMEMBERS Group Immersion includes

  • Water and Land Embodiment Practices with aquatic specialists Apostolia Papadamaki and Sophia Michalopoulou.

  • Release, Rebirth and Renew old patterns to Reconnect and Re-member more of who we are.

  • Snacks, fruits, and beverages provided for energy and hydration.



Travel expenses, transfer, accommodation, meals, or individual sessions.



Please book your accommodation and airport transfer via Green Corfu – 

Alternatively you can take a look at



We will start our group immersion in the morning of Friday 8 September, and finish late in the evening of Saturday the 9 of September. We recommend that you arrive in Arillas at least a day earlier, Thursday 7/9, and give yourself a couple of days after the immersion to integrate. You will also be able to enjoy more of what the fantastic community of Arillas has to offer. You can possibly also join us for individual sessions on Thursday 6 or Sunday 10 September.

PROGRAM * may vary due to weather conditions and group needs. This is an all-weather event inviting us to work with what nature offers us for our own process.


10:00 – 13:00 Water Opening Circle and Primordial Movement

15:00 to 18:00 Embodied practices on the land and on the seawater

20:00 22:00 Communal dinner and Water Songs


10:00 – 13:00 Deepening from within 

Embodied practices, water healing, water dance 

16:00 – 19:00 Sharing circle and embodied practices with the Earth

20:00 to 22:00 Communal dinner and Songs


What you need to bring: a Bathing Suit, Towel, Hat, Bottle of Water



If you would like to chat briefly online or on the phone for more clarity please contact:

Sophia Michalopoulou 

(+30) 6983 751891




Apostolia Papadamaki is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, performer, and Embodied Spirituality Mentor. She is a master teacher in Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, Alexander Technique, Water Healing & Rebirthing. She has choreographed Drops of Breath, the 1st underwater dance performance in the world with an underwater audience and she is also the creator of Anamnesis, a series of ritual performances in ancient Greek archeological sites.


A lover of healing arts and ancient wisdom, Apostolia studied Shamanism, Music, Voice, and Rei-Ki collaborating with inspiring artists, healers, and teachers in many lands. Her highest intention is to keep opening the eyes of the soul and tuning into the frequency of Love no matter how life challenges her. She has been teaching water healing and rebirthing in the water for the last 12 years, in various public and private events. She is a certified Padi Rescue Scuba diver and Free diver.


Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic therapist and educator who specializes in pre and perinatal trauma release, a newborn and baby swimming instructor as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. Sophia supports the entire birth experience from conception, pregnancy, and birth with water in order to create a more gentle, conscious, and fluid continuum for future generations. 


While immersed in warm water, Sophia began to remember her own birth journey during a ten-year process and to see birth from a baby’s perspective. She facilitates the remembering of all human beings so that we can embody more of who we are, overcome a sense of separation and live our lives to our fullest capacities while expressing our unique human potential. 

6 to 9 SEPTEMBER 2022 (9).png
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