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It's very difficult to convey in words the depth of healing in water, to express with authenticity and grace something which belongs to the unseen, the unwitnessed and the non-verbal realm of life before birth. And yet, the experience of being born is recorded in our embodied memory leaving 'scars', imprints and patterns of behaviour that create the foundations for our core beliefs about our selves, our families and how we live our lives on this Earth in this present lifetime.

As I'm getting ready to share MY BIRTH STORY publicly, it feels vulnerable but a necessary step in the unfolding awareness of myself from the inside out. This year marks a 10-year journey of remembering more of who I am while immersed in warm water. In doing so I began to see birth from a baby's perspective, to value the gift of this life and to connect with myself on a much deeper level. By becoming aware of these 'memories' that belong within me I was able to integrate more of who I am, to expand with a sense of identity from the inside out and to identify what I would have liked my parents to know before I was born.

In sharing my thesis in the form of a podcast rather than a written document, sharing my voice and listening to the energy expressed behind the words and messages I hope to transmit a deeper understanding of the profound teachings of David Sawyer called Integrative Aquatic Therapy. An experiential learning process I've had the honour to attend and now complete over the past 9 years. While listening I hope to transmit a deeper understanding of the experience of being born from the inside out.

There are themes that showed up for me during my own birth journey that became the founding stones of AQUAGNESIS and my services as a therapist, educator and birth doula.

Some of these are:

~ We are multidimensional humans.

~ We are one water.

~ We chose to be born.

~ We experience loss before being born much more often than we realise.

~ We are learning from the inside out.

~ The importance of being born in our own time.

~ Peace on Earth does begin at birth.

I hope you feel called to listen to this podcast in order to understand me and my work better but most importantly that it might inform the way you receive your own babies and children or hold space for human beings therapeutically and educationally both on land and in water. I am available both online and in presence if you feel ready to engage in the journey of birthing yourself.

Release dates for SOPHIA'S BIRTH STORY to be announced soon. If you would like to stay in touch or up to date with my offerings and services please sign up to my newsletter.

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