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Yes, holding someone in your arms is intimate. However, the very nature of water itself is intimate. Put two and two together and you have very intimate indeed.

But, intimate does not mean sexual, erotic or provocative. Most often we don’t stay long enough in ‘that space’ to feel what we really feel, what intimacy really means. Being aware of one's personal space, energy as well as of our borders and boundaries is part of an aquatic practitioner’s refinement I would say.

Holding space in an intimate way has a natural purity and a longed for familiarity that is rarely experienced in the speed of the every day. Some human relationships don’t reach this state of intimacy in a lifetime even if they are sexual relationships.

Upon immersing ourselves in water, it enters us in every way possible. It seeps through our skins and reaches the depths of our souls. There is little one can do to resist the permeation of water. Slowly but steadily it will reach, uncover and dissolve all perceived fears or resistances we hold on to.

I observe that when small children enjoy the water they also begin to suck on their fingers and the physical pleasure they receive from this is very evident. I intuit some sort of connection between the early sexual developmental phase of the child and water. The gut seems to relax most quickly and the need to experience the pleasure of release takes place in water too.

And yes, the form of aquatic bodywork called Water Dance was birthed from the intimacy of a man and woman seeking to go deeper into their co-creation. Professionally, I have merged a number of aquatic modalities to create a continuum of experience to support life from conception to birth and beyond all the way to the end of Life.

Working with the intimate qualities of water to prepare couples for conception and for birth, water has shown me the depths of its capacity to hold us at new depths within ourselves and our capacities to form secure attachments and loving bonds with each other.

How do you sit in your intimacy? What is your relationship to water?

If you would like to have an aquatic experience with your loved one please connect for available appointments and locations at

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